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Dan---those things you just listed are for Mark II pistols----Look at the rings for the M77---when new-the rifles come with medium rings---so I'm assuming you need high rings---unless the previous owner had put low rings on it----you might do well to take it into a trusted gunshop and let them have a look.

You could also give Ruger a call and they can set you up-----they might even take the old rings in as trade on the new ones----not sure since they are already out of the package.

Don't switch the rings(front to back)--if you take a close look at the receiver--you'll notice that its uneven---so the taller ring levels out the scope------if you switch them and tighten them down good--you'll probably be buying a new scope too.

I think I've seen Ruger factory rings at Cheaper Than Dirt---you might want to check there----they might have a better price and/or get them to you sooner too.
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