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"Tanker M1's"


Thanks for the information on the T26. It's been a long time since I read up on this and could not recall the details but THOUGHT it was designed as a paratrooper weapon.

Boy, do I remember the Klein ads! I purchased one of the $99.00 M1's from them and must say their concept of "excellent condition" differs somewhat from mine. The rifle itself was excellent outside appearance but the stock was terrible.....there was a 1/8"gap between the rear of the receiver and the stock. I suspect that the rifle had been fired w/corrosive ammo and not properly cleaned as the bore had very light pitting full length. After bedding the stock, however, it shot quite well. I was on the Ft. Polk AMU at the time and my rifle shot almost as well as the NM grade rifle I was issued in spite of the pitted barrel. It did require a lot of scrubbing, though, to get the bbl. clean after shooting.

The best thing about that rifle was the British proof marks on the barrel. It had been one lend leased to GB during WWII.

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