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Your M1 which ejected partially loaded clip could have been corrected by bending the follower arm (SLIGHTLY) Replacing it with a new one would also work.

The hole in the follower arm quite often wears and is noticeably egg shaped. This changes the "timing" and in effect, "tells" the rifle the clip is empty, time to eject. You can correct the problem by bending the arm just enough to offset the wear.

This is probably one of the most common failures in the Garand, next would probably be extractor/ejector failures. If I were to select common spare parts to keep a Garand running, the kit would contain the follower arm & pin, op-rod spring, ejector and extractor. Have seen individual Garands fired enough to wear out the barrels having no more maintenance than regular cleaning and replacement of the above parts.

Great rifle, but make mine the full size rather than the "tanker".
Op rod configuration is critical on the Garand and it takes a really good armorer to bend an op-rod so that the rifle functions reliably and is accurate (if op-rod rubs anywhere, accuracy suffers and can cause feeding problems if really off). The tanker model compounds the op-rod problem as the short rod is much more difficult to get the correct clearance.

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