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Savage .22

Hi folks-

I have a Savage Sporter .22 and I'm trying to figure out what model it is and roughly how old it is.

It's a bolt-action with a 5-shot magazine. The barrel is 23" long. Along the top it says:

Manufactured by Savage Arms Corp Utica NY USA
Patented Nov 28 1905, Sep 7 1915, Sep 4 1917, Nov 20 1917

and then to the right of that in larger letters


It says "22 Long Rifle" on the left side of the barrel back near the breech with what appears to be a serial number of "48829" on the right side. There is a metal plate on the butt affixed with two screws. The safety is operated by the thumb: when disengaged the word "Fire" appears on a metal tab on the left side; when engaged this tab moves down into the stock to reveal the word "Safe" stamped on the barrel. There are no other visible markings.

I can post a picture if that would help.

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