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Dear Rich, Where Is My Subscription?!

I subscribed to Gun Games Mag just before they went belly up and got the opportunity to find out what SWAT Mag was all about. I received a contract stating that GG was now defunct and SWAT was taking over the completion of my two year subscription. I agreed to the terms and NOW, I receive a letter and an unsolicited issue of some cowboy gun rag stating that my subscription was now with them and if I didn't like it, they would "donate" my $ to someone of their choice that couldn't afford it. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, WHO DOES THAT EDITOR THINK HE IS STEALING MY $ AND USING IT IN A WAY THAT I NEVER AGREED TO - SOME LOUSY POLITICIAN?!!! This is robbery and nothing less.

Since SWAT, is the mag that took over the contract with Gun Games and I agreed that my payment would be applied to the same terms and conditions as Gun Games, ie. two full years, and NOT to Cowpatty Trap Shoot, (or whatever they call themselves), you probably know the one unless my experience was one of a kind. I wish my two year subscription to resume to SWAT for the two years that I'm owed. I have not received this month's issue of SWAT and it "appears" like Cowpatty, to put it politely, took the place of my subscription with TFL's mag.

I am asking you Rich to correct this mistake. I am not blaming you, Rich, as I don't know who is responsible for this subscription foul up. Nor does it matter to me. I am angry at the one who presumed that they could use my money any way that THEY wish, without my consent, or just keep it if I didn't want their rag. I just want this correction to be made in a timely manner and no loss of issues. I appreciate your help. Thank you.


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