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Ricky T,

After reading your response, I can tell that you failed to read the posting in detail. It’s like you did not succeed in noticing that I already had sent an email to the IDPA organization and that I also provided their written email response.

But then again what can I expect from and individual such as yourself who even though I have never met you in person your postings on Glock Talk tells me all that I need to know about you as an individual.

Ricky T states:
“Wait a minute, you apologized to some no name nicknamed masked man? And you wouldn't apologize to Dane? I have no use for you range Nazi.”

After having to haggle with individuals like you I have determined that its simply not worth my time or effort to be informative to my fellow shooters. If one tries to be informative the nay Sayers such as you, kick into high gear and will try anything from character assassination to god knows what to squash an opinion that they don’t agree with.

BTW, I will give you credit were credit is due. At least on this forum you do provide an email address and your not hiding behind the anonymity of the web in the same manner that you do on Glock Talk.


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