View Full Version : ETool recomendations, and other stuff.

February 1, 2002, 02:50 PM
I want to recomend the German Etool in the Cheaper than Dirt Catalog. It is Identical in every way to the American Etool, except price and on the side of the Etool handle it say's BUND rather than U.S. Also the 5 piece alcohol stoves are pretty groovy too. I just got 5 of them and will order a few more ASAP. They're handy to have with your hunting stuff since alcohol is a very clean burning fuel that can heat up coffee and other goodies without an obnoxious smell. Enough of Cheaper than dirt stuff.

I broke my Stiener Binocs this past season, and sent them back to Stiener for repair. In two weeks I recieved a NEW pair back from Stiener with a reciept that said N/C under warranty. I didn't even send them my reciept. What a great company to deal with.

oh, and the normal plug for Redwing boots for those who insist on throwing money away on inferior boots. I say throwing money away because I've worn my Redwings now daily for 2.5 years and they are still in awesome condition. 1 year of that wear was as a Park Ranger and doing all the associated walking, mowing, and wading that my job entailed. What an awesome boot. A bit heavy, but very comfy.