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February 1, 2002, 12:55 AM
I would like to get into some kind of competative shooting, but I dont know which. Can someone tell me what the differences in all the various sports are. I practice on a regular basis, but by no means am I an expert or anything even close. I just ordered a Kimber custom classic and that is the gun I would like to use. I am on a fairly limited budget so I want to keep mods to a minimum. Thanks in advance for any help.:)

February 1, 2002, 07:18 AM
Go to www.uspsa.org and use the "club-finder" function. Find your nearest USPSA club, go, watch, ask, join, participate, compete, ENJOY!

Most clubs love new folks, and have "new-shooter"-type programs or mentoring to assist new folks in being safe and comfortable.

The enhanced gun-handling skills learned are priceless.

The only gear you'll really need are some extra mags and carriers, a good belt and holster, and reliable ammo. Usually someone there will lend you gear until you choose what works for you.
I'm sure you already have and use eye and ear protection.

Let us know...............


mr. pitiful
February 2, 2002, 12:17 PM
no slam to USPSA, it is a great sport, but for wht you want I really think IDPA would be better for you. You can shoot USPSA with your gun, but you will be at a dissadvantage, and if cost is an issue, you might be hurting there too. IDPA, all you need is 3 mags, a holster(cheap) and mag pouch, thas it other than safety glasses and ear protection of course, and you wil be t NO dissadvntage at all. Like said, nothing against USPSA, I love it, its just that IDPA makes alot more sense for your needs. In USPSA youcan shoot in limited 10, but you will need 10 round mags, and youwill be shooting agains guys with full out Limited guns with full length dust covers, expensive race holsters, and HUGE magwells. You can still do it, but you will be at a dissadvantage. I would suggest that you give both try and judge for yourself, but for your needs, my vote goes for IDPA.

mr. pitiful

Mike Davies
February 2, 2002, 06:10 PM
I can't say that I agree that you should stay away from IPSC/USPSA....you most certainly will not be at any disadvantage whatsoever. Heck, I started shooting Standard class here in Canada (the rough equivalent of Limited 10 in USPSA) with a S&W 645, five 8rnd mags and an Uncle Mike's holster....I would have LOVED to have had the "disadvantage" of shooting your Kimber!! And that was 3 years ago. You have to buy some more mags anyway, and 10rnd Chip McCormicks or Ed Brown's cost the same as good quality 7 or 8 round magazines for your Kimber.
I used a Norinco 1911A1 after the Smith with five 10rnd mags, and most of last year used a new Glock 35 for IPSC Standard here in BC, Canada and USPSA Limited 10 in WA state....that's what I'm using now.
I don't quite understand how you could possibly be "out-equipmented" in Limited 10 with a Kimber (Yeh, I know about the STI's and Para's...)....I see folks using them to good effect in Limited 10 all the time.....
The main thing is that you seem to want to do some sort of competitive shooting and get comfortable with your Kimber under a wee bit of stress. Nothing wrong with IDPA, but there's nothing wrong with USPSA Limited 10 either. :cool: ;)

February 2, 2002, 09:49 PM
try both IDPA and IPSC/USPSA out..

in IDPA (www.idpa.com) you would be in CDP class and need 3 to 5 std magazines, a good holster and belt and a double mag pouch..

In IPSC (www.uspsa.org) you could compete in Limited 10 or limited class. but L10 would be better..for that you would need about 6-8 magazine with at least half of them you probably want a quality 10 round magazine. A good holster, belt and mag pouches.

You have some good IPSC clubs in your area..not sure on the IDPA clubs..I think both organizations would want you to take a safety course..and this is mostly to aquaint you with the type of shooting that is done and the range commands and safety rules..

Both are a lot of fun...I know I have a great time at both..I find IPSC a little more challenging as i have to think more about where to do reloads, etc. I just started to do IDPA and haven't shot a lot of it..but I have had a good time with each..

Have fun with which ever you choose..I hope you try both.

February 4, 2002, 12:15 PM
IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, PPC, NRA Bullseye, and the casual Wednesday night matches at the local range. See what's availbale in your area. Visit all of them. Shoot in all of them. Tehn go back for the ones you liked the best.

For info check the websties for IDPA and USPSA. Call your local ranges to see if they have competitions (then ask about them). With all the classes/divisions you should be able to find one (or more) in each sport where your dream gun isn't at an equipment disadvantage.

Your Kimber is a great start out of the box. Don't worry about tricking it out at the begining. In most cases, a shooter (begining or expert) can get more benefit by taking the $$$ that is about to be spent on a mod and using it for pratice ammo, match fees or a class.

Be safe and have fun!

February 5, 2002, 01:04 AM
Thanks for all of the good advice. I've been talking to some of the guys at the local range. Hopefully I'll get a chance to get out to some different matchs soon and then decide what to do. Thanks again.:)