View Full Version : Woodmans Pal and Sig 2340 Holster

January 28, 2002, 01:35 PM
Does anyone have and use a woodmans pal? How do you like it? Does it stand up to abuse like advertised? I must clear out cedar and scrub from my ranch around the deerstands, and the machete's available seem substandard, a chainsaw too much for much of what I'm doing. Let me know if they're worth the $54.00 price tag.

Also, I need recommendations for a good holster (not CCW) for a Sig Pro (2340). Any particularly good models out there?

January 28, 2002, 05:57 PM
Allright, this may sound silly, but I've used a "Katana" or Samuari sword for what your looking for in the woodsmans pal for about 20 years now. Im a surveyor and we cut line all the time through brush, scrub and bigger. Ive used brush hooks, machetees of all sizes, and other things, but nothing works as well as the katana on things up to about 3"(bigger is easily possible, but more work) It will cut through a 3" sappling with one swipe once you learn how to "cut" with a sword (its easy, just requires a little body english) Its great in greenbriars as it gives you lots of reach, also great for reaching over your head. It stays fairly sharp and is easily touched up with a file or stone. The only problem with machetees is they are to short and light, i've seen a number break, and one boy get the broken tip stuck in his leg. You have to get to close to the briars to cut and get all tangled up in them when you cut. Brush hooks work, and will chop like an ax, but are heavy and can be unwieldly. Try chopping over your head for awhile, and see what kind of shape your in. :) The other problem is stopping the swing in light stuff, its easy to hit your legs if your not careful. The biggest problem with the sword is popping out into someones back yard with a big knife and look non chalant! :)