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January 25, 2002, 02:09 PM
I'm in the process of building a "Tactical" 1911 for entry work based on a stock Kimber Classic. It's currently back in the factory getting modified and accessorised... I have been searching for an appropriate frame mounted tactical light. I'm almost certain to go with a Surefire, but on checking their website, the only piece they list for 1911 frames is the "classic" system. I'm not overly fond of the big, clunky older lights they used to make that extend passed the barrel of the weapon. I currently mount an Insight M3 on my issue Beretta M9 and I love it (as an aside, is there anyone else out there that does this or thinking about it, I had to overcome a substantial design flaw before I could get my M3 to work with an Insight Technologies M3 Beretta rail adapter). I would like some opinions on tapping and drilling the frame for an M1913 Weaver type accessory rail... Is there a good alternative? Which model light would you recommend I mount?

Thanks For Your Time

January 26, 2002, 02:54 PM
Others have tried to add a weaver mount on a 1911 frame and I've been told that the dustcover will crack. Some makers offer a beefed-up dustcover for this purpose -- I believe that the Les Baer Monolith is one of them.
Springfield offers a 1911 called the "operator" that is made for attaching the M3.

January 27, 2002, 03:17 PM

Very good point on the holster, the same question had occurred to me early on in all this. I've written to the people at Fobus recently and it illustates a problem manufacturers are having with different weapons and fame mounts and light design combinations. I have decided that I am going to have a custom kydex holster commissioned for my piece. I'm looking into several smaller manufacturers right now, but I can't do anything until I know which light I'm going to get and how to mount it. Can you please elaborate or point me in the right direction as far as info on bolted on, welded or otherwise attached mounting rails? Do you have good sources for mounting rail suppliers and smiths that will do a credible job? WIth a standard M1913 Weaver rail, it should be a piece of cake to mount any number of different model lights, right?


John Duncan
January 28, 2002, 01:14 AM
After a lot of tinkering with different designs and materials I arrived with this simple solution. A small piece of 1913 rail filed,milled whatever to fit snug against the dust shield held in place by 2 4/40metric thread allen head screws, red loctight.The light is a M3 for a glock. This Para LDA has been converted to a 40 super chambering So far about 2000rds no problems. Here's a couple of pics Hope I helped. Later JD

February 19, 2002, 01:23 AM
Problems with Insight Technologies M3 lights and M1913 Weaver mounts...

I've tried mounting my M3 to a standard M1913 rail and the thing will slide on there but it's no the least bit secure and it tends to rattle profusely. I realize that M3s are specifically designed to go on proprietary mounts (like the Glock rail)... but I could have sworn I've seen them mounted on weaver rails! Anybody have any experience or opinions on this?