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January 23, 2002, 12:17 AM
I just recieved a NIB Starlight case, and I really need to sound off about this.

First off, this thing is a friggin' TANK. I purchased the largest of their rifle cases, and although my 700VS fits exceptionally well in it with room for a couple of ammo boxes and data log, they claim that the case can fit up to four unscoped rifles in this container...BELIEVE THE HYPE!

The molded / injection plastic (I got the OD, but several colors are available, incl. some commo patterns), is tough: I'm ~180lbs and this withstood my bouncing on the case with hardly any noticable flexion. Any flex in the case exterior is more than adequately compensated by the 5 seperate layers of foam included inside. It's easily cut-to-form.

The hinges, (four total), are extemely difficult to open, and each has it's own molded holes for external locks: the case itself has none. A minor drawback.

The spring loaded handle is relatively comfortable, but wheels on the case, ( a ~US25$ option), would be a good idea if you're actually going to travel through airports with this.

As for shipping one or more rifles through a comercial carrier or air travel, I see no problems in placing my precious VS in this case to be assaulted by baggage gorillas.

The case is tested to exceed ATA guidlines, 400' water immersion, (case is completely sealed with O-rings in the bases), and Mil-Spec. I have no idea how or why to use the pressure valve, but by golly' it's as sturdy as the rest of the case. Most other cases w/ this feature have only a screw and hole.

As for delivery, UPS ground had this to me in 3 days...the company says it ships w/in three days of reciept of order.

Overall, this is an excellent product. The Accurate Rifle had an "Odds and Ends" article recently giving the same opinion, as does a reveiw at
The case I purchased, at US$169 + US$20 S&H, was on the pricey side. They have sale of factory seconds, periodically. I can't think of anything I could do to damage it.

January 23, 2002, 11:10 AM
If you fly from Denver, or Lima, to a lower level. The air valve lets you equalize the pressure in the case. Makes it a lot easier to open.


January 25, 2002, 09:19 AM
Contacted Starlight yesterday with some questions. I saw that they have a custom insert for an Accuracy International AWP. Come to find out that it isn't a custom insert but standard production.

A friend recently got an AWM with a case which I looked over and loved. After talking with Starlight yesterday come to find out that AI is buying their cases from Starlight and the case I got when I got mine was a "Over Seas Shipping Case" (i.e. metal).

It is not fair!!! ;) The Starlight case is much better!!

(though I guess I shouldn't complain with what I paid for the AWP/Scope/Case/Mags compaired to what it would cost me now)

April 1, 2002, 10:33 PM
I sent my Rem 700 VS to Iron Brigade Armory (http://www.ironbrigadearmory.com) for their tune up. Of course, since I had to ship the rifle, it was a perfect oportunity to test the case.

I had planned to ship the rifle UPS...long story short, the harpie behind the counter starts chanting about needing an FFL confirmation before they would take it. So I let my money walk over to USPS. Idiot that I am, I have the rifle shipped Parcel Post.

So, after having USPS accept the rifle on 11 Feb, IBA recieves the rifle on 20 Feb. 9 days in transit.

The nutshell version...not one friggin' scratch. I recieved no notice of damage from IBA...in fact , there was no mention of shipping related incidents at all.

To be continued...


April 2, 2002, 07:16 PM
Just recieved my VS back from IBA. The Starlight case (http://www.starlightcases.com) , after 9+ days of USPS mail-handlers, 4+weeks in the IBA shop, and 3 days of UPS gorillas, the case has NOT ONE FIRGGIN' blemish. The rilfe is of course in perfect condition.

The card-board box I shipped the rifle & case in is another story!

If you're thinking about a serious travel case, I can unequivically reccomend the Starlight line!


April 2, 2002, 10:45 PM
I attended the Basic Long Range Precision (Sniper) Rifle Course at the the Badlands Tactical Training Facility back in November of 2000. I bought one of the factory seconds straight from Starlight for $90 in Olive Drab. The case arrived and it had one long scratch down the side. THAT WAS IT. They call that a factory second? Jeeze!

I flew from Hartsfiled (Atlanta) to Dallas, then picked up a puddle jumper to Lawton Oklahoma. When I was boarding the puddle jumper (flying out), I happened to see my case standing on it's end, upside down and leaning on a bunch of other luggage in the cargo hold. No luggage was put in there after it so I KNOW the case just bounced all over the place during the flight. When I got to Lawton the FIRST thing I did was inspect the case. To say the least it was battered, beat, and had several scratches, (more like gouges actually), on it, plus a few mysterious colors smeared on it. I opened the case (OUTSIDE in the Airport parking lot) and my Savage 10FP with a NightForce NXS scope looked just like they did when I closed the lid. I mean this case took a freakin BEATING. Some of the gouges were bad enough that I had to actually sand them when I got home. The edges were sharp. Also, I didn't open the pressure valve on the flight out. When I got the case at baggage claim it was sucked in on the sides BIG TIME. I opened the valve and it sucked air for a looong time before it equalized.

At the class, it rained monsoon style on us several times. I just put my rifle in the case, closed it and let it sit in the rain. People were freaking. The case stayed bone dry inside. The firing range is several miles out a couple of dirt roads and the case just bounced around in the back of a pickup truck I hitched a ride with. No problems at all. And no zero shift the entire trip!

The flights back were no different from the flights out. The case had even more love marks and mystery colors on it. I didn't even bother opening til I got home. Again, no damage at all to the rifle.

Drawbacks: The thing is a tank like echo3mike said. It's pretty heavy empty. The only real complaint I have about it is the latches are extremely difficult to open or close. I bloody a finger on one particular latch regularly. I started using my Gerber Tool as a pry bar on them. They HAVE gotten easier to operate as I have used the case though. But still, they are pretty tough.

$90 for a case this tough? GREAT DEAL!