View Full Version : .22 single bolt action Ranger

January 20, 2002, 10:42 PM
Have two sligtly different "Ranger s/l/lr .22 bolt guns. Single shot. Both Marked Ranger, caliber and not much more. Appear to be same physically as some other older catalog guns made between 1930-50. No other markings but model number which I cannot get right now. Any ideas of who made it.

Steven Mace
January 20, 2002, 11:21 PM
Riss, Ranger was a trade name used by Sears on a variety of firearms made under contract for their stores to sell. Just guessing it sounds like you might have the Sears equivalent of a Stevens-Springfield Model 83 (http://www.savageparts.com/images/obsolete/obpages/Obsolete22/53-3C-CD.htm) .22 caliber rifle (a.k.a. Ranger Model 101.8). These were manufactured from 1935-1939. The Stevens Model 83 was relatively simple & utilitarian in design and function. It should have a plain pistol-grip stock with a 24" barrel that has a blued finish. Today a Model 83 in excellent condition might be worth about $100-$115. Just my guess.

Steve Mace