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January 18, 2002, 07:48 PM
Announcing the Front Sight Armorer's Course for the Glock Series Pistol

If you love Glocks... and you'd like to know everything there is to know about Glocks -- particularly the "inside secrets" of world-famous Glock armorers -- then you should
know about a rare opportunity to attend an Armorer's Course for the Glock Pistol being offered for the first time EVER to members of the public through Front Sight FirearmsTraining Institute.

As you may know, Glock NEVER allows members of the public to attend one of their Armorer's Courses. They're strictly for military and law enforcement agencies. If you're a private citizen, you're out of luck.

And yet, Glock enthusiasts from around the world hunger for the inside information revealed at these Armorer's Courses.

Well, thanks to some high-level negotiations by the "brass" here at Front Sight, we are now able to offer to the general public the same "insider" information you would get if you were somehow lucky enough to get into a Glock Armorer's Course!

And best of all, the Armorer's Course we're going to offer you will be presented by two of the top Glock experts in the entire world -- Ben Paz of Glockmeister and J.R. Shepard of Lone Wolf Distributors.

These two men know more about Glock pistols than any other person on the planet besides Gaston Glock himself.

And, if you attend Front Sight's coveted Three Day Armorer's Course for Glock Pistols that we're now offering to the public, you will know everything there is to know about the Glock. You will know how every part works... why it was designed that way... and how to expertly use, repair, and replace every part on your Glock from now until the day you die.

You will have better skills than probably 99% of all the armorers in the world-AND you will know how to use your Glock better than the vast majority of people who carry
Glocks for a living. Why? Because a Three Day Front Sight Armorer's Course goes way beyond any typical armorer's course. That's because -- in addition to the technical aspects of the weapon -- you will also receive expert instruction from Front Sight's stellar staff of Handgun Rangemasters and instructors, who will train you to levels you just cannot imagine in the defensive use of your Glock.

Remember: Private citizens can't get into Glock's armorer's course anywhere else in the world, at any price. Glock won't hear of it.

But now, for a limited time only, Front Sight is making the Armorer's Course for Glocks available to anybody who loves the Glock and wants a detailed, intimate knowledge of the Glock's history, development, function, maintenance, and the
various enhancements possible with a Glock pistol.

Since this course has never been offered to the private citizen before, the response is likely to be immediate -- and classes will fill up FAST.

So DO NOT DELAY in responding to this historic offer.

Three Day Course dates (Friday - Sunday) are as follows:

September 13-15 -- Ben Paz, Glockmeister Armorer
October 11-13 -- Ben Paz, Glockmeister Armorer
November 8-10 -- J.R. Shepard, Lone Wolf Armorer
December 13-15 -- J.R. Shepard, Lone Wolf Armorer

The cost of the course is normally $800, and includes a Glock disassembly tool, a special disassembly mat, an armorer's manual, plus all the end-of-course gifts normally provided to all Front Sight students.

However, for those who respond immediately -- and no later than Midnight, February 5, 2002 (or before the class is filled, whichever comes first) -- Front Sight will send you a special Front Sight Course Certificate that will allow you to attend this unbelievable course for ONLY $300.