View Full Version : Hunting Preserves - San Antonio, Texas Area?

January 17, 2002, 01:53 PM
My wife maybe heading to San Antonio, Texas for a week of training at her corporate HQ. I'm going to tag along since I have plenty of vacation time.

I've been watching some of the hunting shows on TV. Many seem to be held at farms, ranches, etc dedicated to hunting -- for a fee.

Would there be any hunting opportunities in March or April of this year in Texas? The website that I've seen appear to be pretty expensive for deer hunting.

I've never hunted with a guide before. Do these hunting preserves allow you to hunt outside the regular season?

Any info is appreciated.

[Finally sent in my roll of film and should have a picture or two to post with my first deer]

Art Eatman
January 17, 2002, 07:33 PM
There are game ranches with foreign exotics. These may be hunted at any time of the year as they are not native "game" animals in the legal sense of the word. The hunting is not regulated by Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.

Texas Wildlife Association, in San Antonio, is a good source of information. They're in the phone book. (I just gave away my recent copy of their monthly magazine, so I don't have the phyone #.)

The YO Ranch, just north of Kerrville at Mountain Home, has exotics, but I have no idea of the prices.

Hope this helps,