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January 16, 2002, 05:22 PM
I just got a single-shot 22LR M-49. It's a cute little lever action, although I kinda wish it was the repeater. Anyway, I've almost got the thing completely apart. The pin that holds the block in won't come out, and the barrel is loose, and the receiver and associated parts look like someone spray painted the thing black... Big blotches of thick paint, even a hair under the paint, and it flakes off very easily. The barrel finish looks OK. What was the original finish? The stock is fairly worn and dirty, but I'm not too worried about it, it's still solid, but I'm thinking of drilling some holes on the top and putting a sliding top over to hold extra ammo. Back to the barrel. How is it removed/replaced, and how do I keep it from moving? Right now it rotates a little too easily, and with the action open it can be pushed into the receiver by maybe 1/8". It won't move more than that or rotate more than 45 degrees in either direction(total 90ยบ play, although some force is needed beyond maybe 10 degrees). And what do I do about the stuck pin? It's the biggest one on the gun at around .375". I would have left it together and played with it, but the guy I got it from is terrible at keeping his toy guns clean(lots of crud out of this one, tons of lint and crud out of a 25 pistol that he said he had never cleaned since he got it), so I like to completely strip them and clean everything thoroughly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

January 16, 2002, 10:59 PM
Whhaaaaatttttttttttttt?? The barrels loose?? I tell ya', I've owned three of them and I love them, based on the Martini actions. The only I've ever had to do was replace a firing pin, which I got from www.gunparts.com easily enough. I'd have to look at mine to check, but you have serious problems with that rifle ... I'l get back to you ...

January 16, 2002, 11:24 PM
My gun is truck bed ugly,blotchy paint[factory paint job] still tight & shoots good.This is the one the kids get started on. Good luck on yours.

James K
January 16, 2002, 11:30 PM
That block pin has a trick and I wish I could remember what it is. I recall it has a groove around it and I don't think it uses an E ring. I seem to recall a detent or pin that holds it in. Anyway, I can't find anything on it, but be careful before using a bigger hammer. IMHO, those little guns were made for very short term use (until the kid grew up) and are not worth wasting time or money on when (not if) they go bad.


January 17, 2002, 02:04 AM
Lefty - How did you get to the firing pin? As far as I can tell the pin I can't get out would have to come out to get to it. Unless I'm missing something, which is more than possible.

Looking at it, there is a deep groove in the side of the block where I can see the pin inside. I don't see anything to help removal.

More looking reveals that the barrel is more or less held in by the first pin at the front of the receiver, and is also somehow related to the extractor and spring. The barrel still moves in and out by about 1/8" total, and won't move any farther. I'll keep looking, but it doesn't look like this gun will do any more without some fancy trick.

George Stringer
January 17, 2002, 09:11 AM
kd7bcy, email me to remind me and I'll send you the instructions. George