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January 13, 2002, 07:30 PM
Hi! I recently got a brand new "Springfield" PPK and was wondering if anyone with more experience could give me some tips on lightening the trigger pull? I'm very comfortable with the assembly/dissassembly and know how to polish parts without cutting through the case hardening.

It seems like a Wolff spring pack and perhaps some judicious polishing would make a huge difference on this piece. I'm also thinking of getting the frontstrap checkered and possibly getting it Metalifed. Anyone got any input on improving the sights?

On another note, are these "Walther USA LLC" guns any better than the Interarms models? I hear those run hot and cold. This one has some sharp edges but seems to be fitted well. There are some pinkish-tinted blued parts on it but that would be fixed by the refinishing.

Thanks in advance for your input!:D

January 13, 2002, 07:57 PM
About the only thing to do is TRY a spring kit. You may or may not have failures to fire/feed. There just isn't any real fix for the Walther PP series heavy trigger pull. It's endemic to the design.
The parts that may benefit from polishing is the hammer DA strut, the bottom of the hammer safety block, and the top of the sear.
Most of the PP's I've worked with really didn't need much or any work, other than some dry firing. Most parts are pretty smooth to start with, and the chrome will make them slick.

A hard chrome finish is nice on a blued Walther. I had an older model Metaloy plated and was very pleased. I recommend doing a gentle carry bevel job to the sharp edges before sending it off. Particularly to the sharp edges of the grip tang, and the lower rear of the slide.

As I recall, MMC makes a replacement rear sight, and I've seen modified Novak sights attached. However, the factory sights are hard to beat for clarity and size. Check Brownell's.

To save money, you could just put wrap around Pachmayer grips on. These give a good grip. If price doesn't bother you, checkering with a pair of custom wood grips is hard to beat.