View Full Version : Taurus 92 "Centurion"?

January 11, 2002, 06:18 PM
Ok I know if I call Taurus on this one I'll probably get "Don't do it, it voids the warranty etc." But heres my question.
I have a Taurus PT99 and a Taurus PT92 Compact. I can get the C slide on the 99 frame, the frames look identical except the full size is a tad longer at the dust cover end, and the area just behind the take-down lever "inside the frame" is just a tad higher. The slides are identical except the front of the C is again a tad shorter "It's actually made shorter not just a cut off full size slide. As I said I can get the slide on the frame I do have to nudge the barrel down at one point, but once on it slides back and forth normally.

So heres my question, does anyone know of anything else that would prevent this from working, I don't want to shoot it like this as a test and ruin both frame and slide. I just like the ballance of the gun better in this configuration and I prefer the Taurus straight front strap to the Berettas little curve at the bottom. And if it works I'll have a unique pistol, a sorta one-of.

So if anyone can answer this Please Do! Thanks:D