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January 9, 2002, 07:39 PM
Yes ... I know the barrel attaches to the receiver ;)

But ... while taking the barrel off of a Turkish Mauser, I noticed that there is a shoulder inside the action that looks like it might actually be where the chamber end of the barrel locates itself. Previously, I had assumed that the shoulder at the muzzle end of the barrel threads located itself against the frontmost surface of the action. Now that I see another possibility, I would really appreciate some confirmation. Can one of you with experience clarify this for me?

Thanks in advance!

ps ... I just got my C&R listed with Brownells, so I will be getting the Mauser Bible ... hopefully at a discount :) ... that you all have recommended. I just need to search for the author's name in the old posts.

January 9, 2002, 07:44 PM
Bummer ... They said that there was no discount on tools ... but it looks like there isn't any on books either.

Joe Portale
January 9, 2002, 08:43 PM

If I'm reading your right what you are describing is the receiver torque shoulder. It is the surface onto which the breech face tighten up against. And the book you are asking about is Mauser Bolt Action RIfles by Jerry Kuhnhausen.

January 9, 2002, 11:52 PM
this is a ? I have a Colimbian Mauser in 30/06 large ring POS.
fired it 1 time and receiver cracked at chamber, beautifull barrel
no rust or pits, are the Turk Mausers large ring?I've seen some
for parts guns very cheap and wonder if my barrel would fit the
turk action?or should I go for a CZ 98 action?thanks for any info.

George Stringer
January 10, 2002, 09:40 AM
Saands, I think what you are refering to is the recessed lip that the Turks use to anchor the handguard. Since folks rarely ask me to rebarrel a turk in original configuration I face the ring off when truing the receiver. But for shank length purposes use the inner portion of the recess and the primary torque shoulder (inner ring) for your measurement.

Zot, the turks are large ring actions but have small ring threads so your barrel won't just screw in. However you could have the shank turned down to .980" or whatever your turk measures and the threads chased. Then it would work. George

James K
January 10, 2002, 10:11 PM
It sounds like Saands is talking about the inner collar that is a characteristic of the 1898 Action. The barrel must contact the collar as well as the receiver when properly installed, but the main fit is at the front of the receiver.


January 11, 2002, 12:11 AM
OK ... so I have attached the fle that I should have attached at the opening of this crazy question :rolleyes:

Let me ask again ... Is the surface at the right side of the .625" of thread or the surface at the left side of the .625" of thread the primary contact of the barrel against the receiver?

Thanks for trying to answer this without proper documentation on my part! One of you might have even guessed correctly at my question!


George Stringer
January 11, 2002, 08:57 AM
Saands, I apologize. My mind went to Mexico and I totally misread or didn't read your question. The ring you are referring to (on the right side of the threads) is the primary torque shoulder. Actually the shank should be long enough where the breech contacts this at the same time and with the same torque as the barrel shoulder contacting the front of the receiver or secondary torque shoulder (left side of threads) but the most important is that the breech be in contact. A common practice is to make the shank length .003" to .005" longer than it needs and that way you make sure the barrel is torqued against the primary torque shoulder. George

Joe Portale
January 11, 2002, 09:21 PM
Hey Saands,

Did that image come out of a book? If yes, which one? ANd if no, where did you come up with it?

To the others on the thread: Any recommendation on Mauser books? I'm starting a collection of books on Mausers and would like suggestions, both historic and gunsmithing.


January 12, 2002, 04:12 PM
George: Hmmm ... that's interesting. I was expecting the opposite answer but see how this could be the case. Thanks so much. By the way, my Kuhnhausen book is on the way!

Joe: OOPS! I guess I should have given credit and begged forgiveness from the Copyright gods :o It came from Walsh's book "Mauser M98 & M96 - How to Build Your Favorite Custom Rifle" I guess it is OK, it has a LOT of info that is worth having, but it has obviously not answered ALL my questions ;)

Thanks all!

George Stringer
January 13, 2002, 09:32 AM
I have Walsh's book and while he does have some good information in there some of his drawings can be a little confusing. Kuhnhausen's is much better as he uses actual cutaway receivers to illustrate with. George