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Joe Portale
January 9, 2002, 03:49 PM

Man, am I fustrated. Does anyone know if there is a bore sighter that will work with an AR15 handle mounted scope? I just had a long morning sighting a scope. This scope was so far out that at 25 yards, I wasn't even hitting the paper. I couldn't see where the rounds were going. And naturally my guesses were all wrong (Murphy does live here). I have a couple of different bore sighters, neither of them work with the AR, the scope sits too high.

Of course, I did get to go to the range and not the office, be outside on a glorious morning, chew the fat with a couple of the older range rats who were more than willing to share some tall tales, make noise...Hey! Maybe it wasn't such a bad morning after all. ;) I still want to know about thebore sighter.

January 9, 2002, 06:33 PM
Absalom is right.

The other way is to take off the upper, remove bolt, set upper on something like a cardboard box with two "V" cuts in it, look thru bore at something far distant like a brick or a sign centering in bore and adjust cross hairs until they look at center of whatever object you've centered in bore. You should be on paper no problemo. HTH

January 9, 2002, 07:35 PM
This may sound crazy, but here's how I did my M-4 carbine: It's a straight shot from our downstairs bathroom down the hall with the door open into the garage all the way to the back of the inside of the garage door. Approximately 21 yards.

I mounted the stripped upper with the carry handle mounted scope (Bushnell 3X9 cross reticle powered red dot center) through the top of a wooden painting ladder, securing it with a padded drill press vice sitting atop the retractable paint shelf. The heavy but small vice allowed for relatively precise movement in azimuth, while elevation of the entire upper could be accomplished by loosening the vice's grip on it allowing slight and precise movement up and down.

Mounting a standard NRA 25 yd. pistol target with orange center to the inside of the garage door, I looked through the bore of the ladder mounted upper in the bathroom and aligned it with the orange center on the target.

Then, by adjusting the scope at setting 3 using the azimuth and elevation adjustments so that the reticle red center dot lined up with the orange center on the target, I was on.

Completing the process, I took the gun to the indoor range and fired 3 shot groups. They were right on but down and to the left. After further scope adjustments, I got the groups centered and about 2 inches above the orange target center 10 ring. Haven't been to the outdoor range yet and done the 100 yd sighting in, but I think it'll be pretty close. BTW, the 3 shot groups from the Armalite M-4 were like a ragged hole at the indoor range. Love that carbine.

Come to think of it, I probably should have done what Absolom said! But it worked out OK. Good luck!

Joe Portale
January 9, 2002, 08:36 PM
Gentle People,

All I can say is DUH! :eek:

Okay, yours truely can be really stupid some times, ask my wife she'll tell you.