View Full Version : Marlin 39AS Scope Mounting

Matt Sutton
January 9, 2002, 10:45 AM
My aging eyes are prompting me to scope out my favorite rifles. I'm considering a Weaver 2.5-7x28mm rimfire scope for my Marlin 39AS and have some questions.

- Are the factory bases made of Aluminium or steel? If they're aluminium, I may try a Weaver base instead.
- I have two small screw holes and a larger one in between on top of the receiver. Which are used to attach the base(s)?
- I see both one and two piece bases advertised. Is there any advantage either way?
- This may be a long shot, but does anyone know if I'll be okay using low rings with the 28mm objective lens? Will I have to remove the front sight?

Thanks for your time and knowledge.

January 9, 2002, 04:59 PM
Well, mine's a 39TDS, but lemme give it a shot anyway...

The mount on mine is aluminum. 99.9% sure on that. Way too light to be steel.

The two small screws are the mounting screws. Pull the bolt and twist the big one and you'll see that it's attached to some sort of steel strip at the top of the inside of the receiver. Not sure what that does.

I would go with the 1 piece base. Just personal preference.

I think a 28mm lens will be ok low down. Haven't tried it that way, but removing the front sight is easy, so it's NBD either way.

BTW, don't use the screws that are in the mounting holes right now, they're just to plug up the holes, and be sure to put a hammer spur on. You didn't mention if you bought it new, so if you didn't, and you don't have the parts, you'll need to order them.

Matt Sutton
January 11, 2002, 12:19 AM
Thanks for the info. I did order it new, but I don't remember getting the hammer extension. It shouldn't be too much more to add that to my order to Brownells.
Your expertise is greatly appreciated!