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Bill Daniel
January 7, 2002, 05:12 PM
Just received the two gun belts that my wife bought me for Christmas for Jerry Evans at Haugen Handgun Leather. I've never had a gun belt before and can't believe how much more comfortable my Kimber Compact (steel) feels. I now have several of Jerry's holsters and now two of his gun belts. Highly recommend him for your leather needs. Have not delt with a nicer fellow in my life.
All the Best,
Bill Daniel
Life Member NRA

Kentucky Rifle
January 8, 2002, 01:49 PM
Over a year ago, I ordered a "Boxter" from Jerry Evans (owner of Haugen). I sprung for one extra option. A shark skin "flap". I've been carrying my Seecamp in this little box which looks like a cell phone holster. Or perhaps a "Palm Pilot" holster. Really discrete. The flap is held down by one "snap" button. The Seecamp is completely enclosed in the Boxter. You can't see it from any angle. You carry it right out in the open on your belt. Also, I have to admit, the shark skin is REALLY tough stuff. It looks exactly as it did when I took the little Boxter out of the box.
The only other holster that compares in quality is RJ Hedley's "back pocket" model.
These two guy's make EXCELLENT leather stuff!