View Full Version : What type of holster is best for a woman?

January 7, 2002, 06:54 AM
I have just passed my carry & conceal tests and am trying to choose a holster for my Taurus 650. I am leaning towards a paddle holster. Any suggestions or comments?

January 7, 2002, 07:42 AM
There are now holsters that are specifically designed for the feminine hip juncture, allowing comfortable carry.
The paddle concept makes sense if the gun must be removed often.

Check with the holster manufacturers to see if they have the style you want.

Galco, Alessi, Sparks, Kramer, Rosen, AKER, Bianchi, Safariland, Hellweg, Kirkpatrick, and many others.

More info: www.womenshooters.com

January 7, 2002, 07:46 AM
The females I shoot with have gravitated toward two kinds--Kramer and the Galco Gunsite for Womyn. May be others, I recommend Milt Sparks but do not know if they make holsters for females.

David Scott
January 7, 2002, 07:53 AM
The problems with women's belt holsters come from two main factors:

1. The curve of a woman's hips often tilt the grip into the body, making it harder to draw the pistol.

2. Women's clothes are often "high waisted". This also impedes the draw.

Of course, women's figures vary, as do men's, but for a woman with these problems IMHO the best belt cary is in the "appendix position" forward of the point of the hip bone. This literally puts the pistol "ahead of the curve" if you'll pardon the pun. Problem is, the further forward you wear your sidearm, the harder it is to conceal, but it's possible to choose good concealment garments from the wide range of women's fashions. A peasant blouse or tunic top works if you practice the "Hackathorn rip" (lift garment with left hand, draw with right).

Ken Null's "Gibson" is supposed to be a good appendix holster. A Belly Band would also work this way.