View Full Version : Photon III Microlight

Mike in VA
January 6, 2002, 11:41 AM
I picked up one of the new type III Photons over Christmas, it's pretty cool. It has microcircutry that provides three levels of brightness, three speeds of flasher, and auto off after a minute. You toggle thru the options by holding the back half of the switch button. The front half of the switch just provides the high beam, the locking on/off switch is gone.

Photons have been a long time favorite around my house, got 'em on keyrings, in car console, on the boat, neice's backpacks, etc, and I keep a couple on my gift shelf in the closet when I find a friend who doesn't have one. You can't beat them for the amount of light they put out in a small pkg, and the lithium batteries seem to last forever.

www.knifecenter.com has them for $18.95 FWIW (I have no comemrcial relationship to Photon, I ust think they're a great little tool)

Kentucky Rifle
January 7, 2002, 03:15 PM
I've been carrying Photon's for a LONG time. The Photon 1's were good, I liked the 2's better because they were brighter and had an off/on switch, and I just bought some Photon 3's. The "covert" model for myself. :) I just love gadgets like this that really work! Aren't they bright? It seems that I keep a Photon everywhere. Lost most of my night vision some time ago and at half an ounce, the extremely bright and long lasting (lithium batteries) Photons are just the ticket. I always carry (at least) two. A turquois, wide beam Photon 2 on my key ring (perfect for walking around outside in the dark) and the new white Photon 3 on the ring of my small Swiss Army knife.