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January 3, 2002, 08:43 AM
As expected, the other shooters were a great bunch of people. As expected, I sucked but had fun. Being a naturally shy person, the hardest thing was making the first introduction but from then on I was fine. My much vaunted Kimber Eclipse was retired after the first stage because of a potentially dangerous sear situation. Shot the next two with my Wilson. Missed some on the first stage as this was my first time ever shooting and moving at the same time. Shot the last two clean but slow. Had to leave before the forth stage to fulfill some fatherly duties but I will allow more time on the next go around. Most amusing were some newbie shooters who stuck around to watch and were shocked and appalled that everyone holstered with a round chambered and admitted to carrying on the street that way too.

To quote Arnie, "I'll be back."

Jim Watson
January 3, 2002, 09:56 AM
Glad you had a good time.

What club? I don't know where Lakeland is, but I know a bunch of Tenn. shooters from here in North Ala.

What was wrong with your Kimber and its sear? Surely that fine sturdy MIM part did not fail.

January 3, 2002, 10:07 AM
This shoot was at Whitten Arms in Memphis.

The sear was a Wilson A-2 not MIM. The smith will get a talking to.

Jim Watson
January 3, 2002, 07:04 PM
I have heard of Whitten, but it is outside my normal combat radius. Was Robbie Robinson there? If so, I bet he gave a good example of how to nail them.

I have shot at Rangemaster
and will be there for their Winter Tactical Conference Feb 10 - not IDPA, they are going their own way as to tacticality, even to an anatomically correct target.
But they have a Friday night league shoot that will be worth your time.

The old Memphis Sport Shooting Association
holds IDPA matches but take the winter off.
They also do IPSC.

I just bet you will be talking to that gunsmith. Hope he gets it straight for you.

January 3, 2002, 08:00 PM
Yes, Mr. Robinson was there and was quite fast.

Rangemaster is a bit inconveinent but Whitten is a ten minute drive. I have just recently joined MSSA which is a five minute drive. With a two year old, I'll probably only be able to manage a match every other week but I will manage that at least.

January 3, 2002, 08:38 PM
I am seriously thinking about shooting my first IDPA match this Saturday. I decided to try IDPA with a revolver, but since I don't have speedloaders now, I will be shooting an auto. Unfortunately, the club I belong to only has one IDPA shoot per month, and this is the only IDPA shoot around here that I know of. In addition, they hold the IDPA shoot at the same time as the small bore silhouette shoot which is something that I would like to get back into.

January 6, 2002, 10:47 AM
I watched an IDPA shoot last month so I'd know what to expect when I compete next Sunday.Matches here are held once a month as well.It's alot of fun and the people are a friendly bunch.
Good luck!

January 6, 2002, 12:31 PM
I am new to this site and want to say hello to all. I noticed KPS watched a IDPA match on the Cape. Is that at Bass River? Do you know the entry fee? I have been wanting to try IDPA. Do you know if they hold matches throughout the winter? Thanks for your help in advance.:)

January 6, 2002, 04:39 PM
Try here: www.uspsa-ne.org

January 6, 2002, 06:37 PM
I went to watch the local IDPA match this morning, pretty neat.
Everyone was very friendly. After watching quite a few people shoot, I decided I would participate in the next one that comes around. I'm glad I watched first, as before coming, I thought the level of accuracy required would be beyond me, but I think I'll be able to hang in the bottom of the pack. ;)
All in all, great experience.

January 7, 2002, 12:34 PM
I did make it to the IDPA match on Saturday and had a good time. They let you shoot the first match free, from then on, you have to actually join the IDPA and pay a $5 entry fee. I ended up shooting my Ruger P89. I didn't really have the equipment; concealed belt holster, mag pouches etc. for any of my other handguns. Most of my handguns are for "field use". Flap holsters, long barrels etc. My actual carry rigs are carried behind the back and I didn't think they would be legal since they break the 180 degree plane. I also didn't have any speedloaders to use a revolver, although I do have the appropriate holsters for them. I normally just toss a handfull of ammo in my pocket when I am carrying the rovolvers around the desert. I did have a Fobus holster for my P89 and used my back pocket for a mag pouch. I was surpirsed at how many people showed up; there must have been at least 50 people. If you are thinking about participating, by all means do. There was nothing about it that requred an expert. The furthest shot was about 10 yards on a silhouette. I will be back next month (my IDPA membership application goes in the mail today)and I will be interested to see where I placed. I also ordered a couple mag pouches. If I decide to continue, I will probably buy some stuff for other guns, although there is nothing wrong with the P89. I am also going to order a half dozen gelded magazines for my P89. All I have are standard capacity mags, since you arn't allowed any more than 11 rounds in the gun, I might as well save them and use klinton mags. The p89 chugged along just like it always does, so maybe it isn't a bad choice. Not real sexy, but useful.