View Full Version : Talon Tactical ?

Coop de Ville
December 31, 2001, 05:22 PM
Anyone use a Talon Tactical IWB? Looks nice since it seems to be one continuous piece.

Other suggestions. Looking for kydex IWB for a BHP.

Regards, -Coop

I carry leather IWB now, how does kydex compare in comfort/slimness?

David Blinder
January 1, 2002, 07:11 PM
I'm a shooting buddy of Talon Tacticals owner, Mike Benedict and he does good work. Mike was the 1st 4 gun master in IDPA and a former world team shooter and knows what works and why. As far as kydex goes, his products are a good choice.

Rosco Benson
January 2, 2002, 06:35 PM
I just had Mike make me a "Deep6" IWB for a Kahr P9 Covert. Mike's Tactical Talon kydex holsters are well thought out and excellently made...one at a time.

The Deep6's belt loop is integral with the holster body. It rolls over the top of the belt, down the side, and then has a "lip" that slips beneath the bottom of the belt. This makes the holster quick to don and remove and avoids the bulk and thickness associated with some other belt/holster interfaces.

Mike can, upon request, extend the belt loop to essentially encircle the belt. This would positively prevent the holster from ever coming off the belt unintentionally, but it would oblige the user to thread his belt through the loop to don the holster. I have had no problem with the easy on/easy off arrangement coming loose.

As noted, Mike makes these holsters one at a time. Unlike a high production maker, Mike can make changes to the design...so long as they are safe and sane. I dislike "sweat guards" on holsters. They interfere with my initial grip on the pistol, so I asked Mike to leave it off. I also asked him to lessen the cant of the holster to about 15-20 degrees. Mike obliged and I got a superb holster that suits me to a "T"...."T" as in "Tactical Talon". Great gear made by an expert shooter (who also happens to be a nice guy).

Let Mike know the width and thickness of the belt you plan to use with the Deep6.


In answer to how a kydex IWB compares to a leather IWB; there are great IWB's made from either material. There are some really lame ones too. The main strength of kydex in this application is that its natural rigidity keeps the holster open when the pistol is withdrawn, without any reinforcement, extra layers of leather, and so forth. As a result, the holster can be very thin. Most kydex holster makers squander this advantage by using holster to belt interfaces which are thick and bulky. Mike has resisted the urge to over-complicate this aspect of the Deep6 and the result is a holster that is only a tad thicker than just shoving the naked pistol in one's waistband.