View Full Version : Should I put paddle-mag on my SP-89?

December 30, 2001, 04:43 PM
I am converting an SP-89 to select-fire (Flemming sear). I plan to put the stock, foregrip, and plastic lower. I will probably put on a 3-lug tip but not sure.

I am debating if I should spend $250 to have a paddle magazine release installed to make it more PDW-like. My other options are doing nothing or getting this http://www.taclatch.com/.
The taclatch seems to serve the same function but is $50. The only downside I see is it will not look as supplied by HK. Anyone have an opinion on how far I should go?

Furthermore, I see that many conversions re-lable the weapon MP5K or PDW. How does one cover the old markings and restamp it? Can this be donw without refinishing the entire weapon?