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December 28, 2001, 11:28 PM
A friend has a Japanese manufactured Daly O/U that has a large number of light strikes on the top bbl. A local gunsmith had it for months and finally said that he couldn't identify the problem. He says that he can't find anything that might cause it and tried 3 different hammer springs. The gun fires fine at times and has a nice heavy indented primer, then it gets the light strike that leaves a very faint strike on the primer. He says he cleaned the firing pin and channel, but didn't indicate that he polished them. Any suggestions? I suggested polishing the firing pin and channel to elimate any burrs or roughness that might be the problem. He is going to do that himself. Anything else that he should consider? I realize that doubles may be prone to do this as they have rather acute angles on the two pins so close together, but I have no idea what to do. I have never had any such trouble with he several s/s and o/u that I have owned. Thanks

December 29, 2001, 12:40 AM
check all specs.

If the channel is TOO loose, the pin may be bouncing off the wall and losing energy to drag.

Same if it's too tight.

James K
December 29, 2001, 01:00 AM
Does he reload his shotshells? Too much pressure in primer seating can push the center of the shell head in just enough to cause misfires if the firing pin protrusion is minimum.


December 29, 2001, 10:53 PM
We have tested it his reloads and several brands of facoty woith the same results.