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December 27, 2001, 07:47 AM
I am looking at an upcoming auction which has a Colt 45 ACP
Springfield National Match Essex 1911 listed on a single line entry.
Is this one semi auto or two? I have researched the Blue Book of
Gun Values, but cannot locate any such weapon. Any help to solve
this mystery before Jan 1,2002 would be greatly appreciated. I am
interested in the period this was manufactured and what the original
price and current value is. Thanks


Harley Nolden
December 27, 2001, 08:07 AM
In all probability the slide is Springfield and the receiver Essex. It sounds like a single action 1911A1

The Essex receiver is an after market frame. We used them to build 1911's for NMC shooting. Fairly good frame, at least it was, but historically speaking they were popular back in the 60's and 70's. As far a collector value, it may depend upon who built the pistol.
Really not much collector value, (my opinion)
Clark, Jack Best, Charley Wright

Value will depend again on the builder and of course what size group the gun will shoot. The gentlemen I mentioned were noted for 2" groups or less, @ 50yds with ball ammunition. Marrying by lot number and mfg of ammunition.

Might even be one that I built during that period


December 31, 2001, 07:40 PM
Real National Match pistols have considerable collector value, but none were built on Essex frames; figure collector value-none.
That said, i have a 1911, National Match slide, barrel, bushing , on an Essex frame that is as fine a tackdriver as one could hope to find. I call it the Frankenmatch, and I paid $355 for it about 2 years ago.

If you can get it for shooter money, it could be a dandy, but it will never be worth more than shooter dollars.