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December 26, 2001, 02:59 PM
I have an American Western Arms Peacekeeper in .357 with a 4&5/8" barrel. It consistantly shoots low and to the left. With 38 special loads in 100gr. &148gr. SWC bullets it shoots 8-9" low and 3.5" to the left. With .357 mag 158gr. JSP it shoots 7-8" low and 3.5" to the left. I'm centering the front sight in the notch; leveling the front sight with the top of the rear notch; and using a straight across the center of the bullseye hold. (as opposed to a 6 o'clock hold) Any suggestions??? Should I file down the front sight and try to tap the sight to one side??? I wouldn't mind only shooting 148gr. SWC 38 special loads - is just a plinking around the farm gun... Thanks in advance...

4V50 Gary
December 26, 2001, 03:11 PM
Cup your hands into a "V" shape with the knife edge of both palms & pinky finger touching. You want to cradle your gun in the "V" and hold it up at arms length. Look at the front sight and you can tell whether it's canted to one side or the other. If you find it canted, your barrel probably isn't set in enough or it may be set in too much. Either way, it's a trip to the gunsmith to screw in the barrel more (or unscrew) and then a check for acceptable cylinder/forcing cone gap.

Now, it may come to pass that the sight is straight and your gun just shoots low & to the left. There's a way to tweak the gun, but it's drastic. It calls for slamming the revolver against the wood edge of your workbench. You slam it smartly on the side that the barrel needs to move towards. Inertia causes the barrel to shift just slightly. Don't try this at home if the concept unsettles you.

The same can be done for elevation, but I'd rather use the stone to bring it up. A pane of glass is obtained (nice, flat surface) against which is laid a sheet of fine emery paper. With only the front sight touching the emery paper, you slide the gun back & forth. Keeping your eye at tabletop level helps ensures that you won't cant the gun and have an offset sight. Of course, with a rounded top SAA, this is considerably more difficult that an adjustable sight gun.