View Full Version : Genuine Mini-14 PMI Magazines or Counterfeit Junk?

Slim Customer
December 23, 2001, 03:14 PM
I've got a Ruger Mini-14 and just bought a couple of PMI 30 round magazines.

They came sealed in the PMI packaging and appear to be the real thing. There are no names or numbers stamped anywhere on the mags.

Are PMI Hi Cap Mags stamped with the company name?

And if not just how in the heck can you tell if they are genuine PMI Mags and not just some aftermarket imports tossed into a bogus plastic display package thats printed up as a PMI package?

How can a PMI Mag be identified so you know you're not getting a Counterfeit piece of junk?

Also, anybody know if the Precision Mag Industries company is still around? I spotted somewhere on the internet a site where someone was selling 10 round PMI magazines --- didn't know they made 10 rounders.

Thanks, Slim

December 24, 2001, 11:59 PM
All my PMI are unmarked. They look better made and more solid than the cheap junk USA. The locking tab is a welded on tab rather than the pressed indentation in the cheapies.

December 26, 2001, 12:39 PM
I have five PMI 30 round mags. As noted above, they are unmarked. As how to distinguish the real deal from fakes, I don't know if I can help you -- I got mine from Ammoman.com. He's a reputable dealer so I'm virtually assured that they're the real thing.


4V50 Gary
December 26, 2001, 03:29 PM
If you have any 20 or 30 round Ruger factory magazines, compare them to the PMI. The only difference we could find is that the Ruger mags are marked with the squawking Ruger pigeon (kidding about that you Ruger diehards) and the PMIs aren't.

Slim Customer
December 27, 2001, 03:47 PM
Thanks to all your replies & information I now know I have Genuine PMI 30 rounders.

Sincerely, Slim

Jake 98c/11b
December 27, 2001, 06:38 PM
4V50 Gary, I seem to remember the factory mags being a bit longer than the PMI. Can't check from where I am right now tho.