View Full Version : O-ring barrel for a 1911A1?

December 21, 2001, 04:33 PM
Do such things exist? I've only seen the ones offered by CCFA for H&K USPs and Glock 21s. Has anyone applied the idea to a 1911 style pistol in hopes of getting the same benefits?
It seems as though it would allow you to get away with a looser barrel to bushing fit to reduce the chance of "springing" the barrel, while making it easier to fit to wide range of barrels and bushings. The o-rings give repeatable and renewable lock-up while the gun is in battery, bearing evenly upon all sides the bushing (and barrel, reflexively).
I realize that the O-rings used on the USP/MK23 are made of a special rubber compound optimized for durability in guns, but surely a nitrile or other temperature resistent composition o-ring should be sufficiently durable to test the concept. Perhaps the H&K o-ring could be used if its dimensions correspond to the depth of the barrel groove and the dimensions of the IR of the barrel bushing.
Any thoughts? Has anyone tried this?

December 21, 2001, 08:42 PM
Suggest a vist to Briley site........

..........and we also have bull barrels.........

Jake 98c/11b
December 21, 2001, 09:48 PM
I know the owner of CCF, he said the big problem he had finding material for the O-rings was finding a material that was resistant to the heat AND the solvents and oils used with guns. Apparently finding a material that would deal with one factor was easy, solving both problems was the trick. I think the reason they don't do anything for the M1911 is because the barrel is too thin. When they turn a slot in the muzzle end of the barrel there just isn't much left to keep things in one piece. I am working off my memory wich is admittedly flawed, especially at 0345 (Bosnia) when the work day begins at 0800. Call Larry at CCF, he will tell you what you need to know.