View Full Version : Thoughts on "Gunsmith Kinks I-IV"....

December 20, 2001, 04:09 PM
I was interested in this series of books, compiled evidently by Brownells of Montezuma, Iowa.
They really make these books sound good for the amatuer or the professional.......anybody own or like them?
Also, changing subjects, but just curious, at what caliber (or other point) does one decide that Acra-Glas just won't do the trick... and you bump up to Steel-Bed??
One more and then I'll shut up....CAN one eliminate the barrel band on a Savage 340 (in 30-30)....and if so how would you bed the action then? I have thought of welding more metal on to the end of the tang, to provide a more conventional rearguard screw set-up but I just don't know if the old 340 is worth all the trouble........

December 20, 2001, 05:39 PM
First question. Books one through three well worth havin. Haven't gotten hold of four yet.


John Lawson
December 20, 2001, 07:59 PM
Gunsmith Kinks need to be bought as a set. As in every kind of technology, things change in firearms and gunsmiths change their minds about procedures. Some later volumes correct things or provide better methods of doing something. In all, they are fascinating reading and they let you peek into the lives and shops of a cross section of Gunsmiths in modern times. Many of the standard gunsmithing books are filled with outdated material; Kinks are as modern as tomorrow.

Jim V
December 20, 2001, 08:08 PM
I have all the books. I think they are great books, fun to read even if you are not working on something at the time. I'd suggest getting the set.

December 20, 2001, 09:30 PM
I have the whole set and they are great. I would recommend them to anyone. A great read.

December 21, 2001, 09:03 AM
Another vote for "Get 'em as a set" They're great reading

C.R. ...4 is as good as the first 3

December 23, 2001, 06:45 PM
I've got all four. They will whisk you away to another world of wonderful practical knowledge. No matter if you're an amateur or professional or just want to work on your own firearms, it's a great set of reference material, shortcuts (longcuts too), and unique solutions to many problems. (Sheesh! I sound like a marketing guy for Brownells!)

4V50 Gary
December 26, 2001, 03:24 PM
Like Jim V says, get all four. No regrets.

December 29, 2001, 10:44 AM
got my Kinks on Thursday and been so busy trying to soak up all the good stuff, I haven't even went around the computer for a few days. I decided I had better thank everyone that gave all the resounding opinions on this series. So, Thank You and now, as I delve into the Fourth one, I completely understand where all your endorsments came from!!

Jim V
December 29, 2001, 06:53 PM
I'll let you in on a secret, I keep a couple of the books in my car. They are my doctor's office waiting room books. I work my way through the series and start all over again. Much better than old copies of OPEN HEART SURGERY AND YOU . LOL