View Full Version : pet loads for Marlin 1894 .357 MAG?

December 19, 2001, 02:20 PM
I just ordered a .357 MAG Marlin model 1894 18.5 " carbine and have 2400, IMR 4227, H110 and W296 to try to find whatever accuracy is in it. I plan to work close to the lands if I can reach anywhere near them with both gascheck and jacketed bullets, so long as they seat and feed properly.

Any accuracy tips here are welcome including primer; my Speer book shows mag primer except for with IMR 4227
Thanks in advance

December 20, 2001, 02:34 PM
You gonna use this for huntin'?
If your gonna use it for Cowboy events ya can't use gas checks. Unless it's a private shoot.
I had a Rossi lever that I shot Federal targert loads right out of the box. It shot amazing groups up to 100 yards. For years I never attempted to shoot anything but them and I carried that rifle in the saddle scabbard for about three years,every single day. I used it on rabbits, varmits and other small game.
I never attempted to shoot at anything larger but I never had the chance. The whitetail were real small in Arizona and I would have never thought twice about using it on them.
The one real problem I had was that after about a dozen fast shots, the Rossi heated up. But you shouldn't be a problem for your 1894.

December 20, 2001, 02:49 PM
What kinda pets were you plannin to shoot?

December 20, 2001, 08:00 PM
No not for hunting, just want some offhand practice and missed my Marlins which I sold to buy benchrest stuff a few years back, used to do alot of light load plinking with 30-30. So a year ago I bought the M77/44 Ruger bolt .44 mag, thought I'd tune it and get some offhand practice...well I'm still tuning it 7-800 rounds later. First day out was "pie plate" at 50 yds from a rest. After 4 powders, 2 scopes, 3 bullets,tried shimming the action...still commonly getting 4" groups at 100yds from a proper rest with 6X scope and 2.5 lb trigger. Make 'em fit the mag and it's worse. Last thing I'm gonna try is a heavy crimp in the mag, someone posted heavy crimp was critical in .44 mag and my oldest Hornady bok mentions heavy crimp for .44 mag.

Should have posted this separately to whine about Ruger cause this M77/44 has a bum bbl.

So I figure the Marlin .357 will be a treat compared to above. I'm starting with a scope but plan to "peep" as soon as I know what she likes. I see my Williams peep from Marlin 336 won't fit it this 1894, saw the write-up on the Wild West (Alaska)rear peep...any other peeps please advise. Here in Canada I'm prob lookin' at mail order anyway, had to talk with the feds this AM just to buy a carbine then wait at store 1/2 hr for them to call back with OK!

As for the other reply well my cat is getting expensive with pills and vet visits etc. but so far it hasn't cut into my shooting and I love her so she's safe.