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December 13, 2001, 12:23 AM
I've a Charles Daly EFS, packed in Feb '01 and delivered June 6th. I've experienced lock back problems after 200 rounds and have determined mag springs were culprits. In fact, in just 5 months of being constant loaded the springs had set up much shorter (an inch or so) than when delivered.

This brings me to "Cocked and Locked" and springs. I've read (somewhere) that keeping other springs under long term tension doesn't hurt them.

That's hard to believe (for me at least), so I ask, what is the real story?

Thanks IA.


December 13, 2001, 01:01 AM
A properly designed, good quality spring will suffer little if any harm when compressed within it's design limits for extended periods of time. Milspec mag springs will last for many years of use or many more years of storage loaded without derrogation of function.

Inferior springs will sack in short order whether in use or stored compressed.

Constant compression is less hard on springs than constant cycling.

Quality counts.


December 13, 2001, 01:07 AM
FWIW, I have a half dozen mags-3 Shooting Star 8 rd and 3 Colt mag 7 rd which have been loaded for over 10 years, and they all still work. The only time they are emptied is at a shooting session. I suspect you might have poor quality springs, and would consider replacing them with a quality part.

Jim V
December 13, 2001, 06:49 AM
If teh main spring/hammer spring is up to snuff, keeping the pistol in Condition 1 will not hurt it. JMB designed that spring to be heavy enough to pop about any primer.