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December 12, 2001, 01:47 AM
well i finally decided to buy a shotgun for home defense this would be my first one and i have never shot one before. after reading my post here i have decided i would be best off with a remington 870 (any other suggestions). i like the look of the marine magnum (are there any other all crome shotguns) but there is a difference in price, is the finish that much better then the black? also i notice that the barrel's a cylinder and not a vent rib barrel does this matter and if so in what way. also what is the difference between rem choke and cylinder. i heard that you can switch the barrels on an 870 so if in time i would like to add a longer one would that be a problem with the marine? what is the highest capacity that is available in any shotgun? i also noticed that the marine can hold six shots and most of the other ones can only hold four shots why is that? also i have noted that the super magnum is chambered for more rounds (size) then the marine what is difference in the different shells? i ight be ading a light to it m3 s there anything i should look for in reguards to that?do shotguns have the same wait that handguns do and if so can i by-pass it with my concealed weapon permit, can they be shipped over the internet directly to me or would i have do go thru a dealer? i know i am asking for a lot any i want to thank all of you ahead of time for any information you can give me. i know some of the questions might seem dumb to you but i am totally blind on this topic.


Dave McC
December 12, 2001, 05:28 AM
The all chrome finish makes sense in a wet environment, not much difference otherwise.

Vent ribs help dissipate heat from long strings of fire, like in competition or dove shooting. This doesn't apply for HD.

Rem Choke is their way of saying the bbl has interchangeable choke tubes. Choke is pretty meaningless at typical HD ranges, the load hits like a semi solid mass.

The MM has a two shot extension, I believe. That's why it holds 6 vs 4. Either capacity will do fine, most confrontations involve a shot or two, if that.

Other 870 12 ga bbls will fit.

December 12, 2001, 09:13 AM
I hope you are prepared for what will become an addiction!
The 870 is a terrific choice. The Marine Magnum is not chrome, it is nickel. The finish is incredibly easy to keep clean. The only barrel for those SG's is the 18" cylinder bore. You can put any other 870 barrel on it but the only one with the nickel finish is the 18"er. I have a friend with a Marine Magnum and it is really quite nice. I bought him a 20" rifle sighted barrel for it for Christmas (Shhhhh) and I am anxious to see what it looks like on the shiny 870. You can always buy a regular barrel and send it out to one of the many shops that can plate it for you.
Mossy makes a 590 called a Mariner by the way which is chrome. It looks like crap IMO. Too dang shiny, like a toy.
In PA, my CCW does nothing to help me purchase a firearm.
Shotguns, rifles & pistols purchases all go through the not-so-insta-check system. There is no waiting period for purchase except the inordinate amount of time you wait for the crappy system to verify that you are not a felon.
Good luck. Have fun.