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December 10, 2001, 08:57 PM
The morning started out perfectly. I got into my stand next to a small creek an hour before sunrise. The smell of fall was thick in the air. The sound of water gurgling over a small waterfall in the creek behind me just made it that much more perfect. Until, the sound of the waterfall covered up the sound of two deer that crept up to within 15 yards of me. They spotted me, and walked off, unsure of what they were seeing. I get down from my stand shortly after.

I stalked my way back to my truck, and caught a deer crossing a field roughly a hundred yards away. As I closed in it spotted me and spooked. I went on toward my truck at the end of the field.
When I got to my truck I could hear a thrashing sound across another small creek. I started stalking again.

As I eased into the woods, I could distinctly hear three different deer. About 20 yards in I spotted the first one. All I could see was his neck. He was thrashing a tree about 40 yards ahead. I guess making that rub distracted him enough that I got within 30 yards. I had him in my scope but couldn't make him out, he was behind some thick brush, although I could still see his neck. I had thumbed the safety off, then put it back on. Didn't wan't adrenaline to get the best of me. I wanted a positive visual to see how big this buck was before shooting. I could've shot no matter how big or small, just wanted to make sure.

I move closer. I notice why he hasn't spooked. There is another one head on with him. Maybe they are locked up. Now I am 20 yards away and still can't see horns....because they are COWS!!!
I stalked a pair of cows. Looked for all the world like it was a buck rubbing the hell out of a tree. I've been hunting for more than ten years, and I stalked a couple of cows in the thick brush.
I am SO glad I waited for a positive ID before shooting. Patience and discipline paid off this time. I would have had to buy three more freezers if I killed a cow!;)

December 11, 2001, 08:44 AM
You, my good man, are a true hunter. Your welcome with me in the wood anytime! But Damn, that's a funny one!

December 11, 2001, 09:38 AM
Good story. Patience is truly a virtue when it comes to hunting. I hunt on 900 acres that my Father-In-Law ranches. He has half-a-dozen different pastures and runs about 200 head of cattle. On any given day they could be just about anywhere depending on how the grass is and how cold it is. I have followed the sound of crunching leaves more than once and found myself stalking a cow. It actually makes it damn hard to look for deer sign because there are cattle hoof prints, cow pies and trails everywhere on his place.

The best time I ever had stalking was after a big snow in some timber where no cattle had been. You could find the tracks and droppings and urine like they were neon signs. The snow was too crunchy to due any serious hunting, but it gave you a real could idea where they were traveling. The next day I planted myself near one of the busy trails and bagged a big doe.