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Dave McC
December 10, 2001, 07:48 AM
I've used a fair to middlin' number of knives over the last 50 years, some of them quite good.

A friend gave me a Helle some years ago. This one's the Tor model, a 4 inch blade with a birch and leather handle. I thanked him and set it in the cabinet w/o thinking about it much. That was a mistake.

A few years later, I saw some posts on a hunting BB about Helle knives, praising them to the skies.
So, I started carrying this one in my fanny pack, for dressing out deer and general use. First deer I dressed, I was amazed at how fast the job went, and that included cutting through the ribs. Knife was still hairpopping sharp after, and cleaned up nicely. 3 deer later, I still hadn't needed to touch it up, and to date the same thing.

These are Swedish, and reflect old European design. The blade is a 3 layer laminate, with the center layer a 58-59 Rockwell hardness alloy that takes a wicked edge and keeps it. The outer layers are a tougher alloy for strength. BTW, the legendary Japanese swords also are laminated blades. So were the best Viking and Roman swords.

Most recent use for this one was an elderly 8 point last Friday, taken by best buddy. He has maybe 100 whitetails behind him, has worked as a guide, and was impressed by the ease of use with this Helle.He liked it better than his Crosslock, or the other good knives he owns.

If you need a good knife, check out the Helle....

I've no commercial interest in this, and my evaluation is strictly objective....

December 10, 2001, 11:17 AM

Pretty reasonable prices.