View Full Version : On-line sources for best price on climbing gear?

December 10, 2001, 07:29 AM
Hi all,

Does anyone have links for on-line sites where rock climbing gear can be found at reasonable prices?

Thanks in advance,


December 10, 2001, 11:44 AM
Don't cheap out on something that's gonna keep you from getting yourself killed...

Just call REI.

Bud Helms
December 10, 2001, 12:16 PM
I've used REI also. Good outfit.

Now, off to Gear & Accys wid ya.

December 11, 2001, 08:35 AM
Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm not wanting cheap equipment, just the best price on the best equipment.
I have been told, (don't know if this is true) that climbing shoes that are over $100 locally, are available for closer to $50 on the 'net.
I know that with things like tac lights, ammo, and holsters, it pays to shop around. You get the high quality product, at the best price.

Does REI have a website?


December 11, 2001, 12:55 PM

You might also try Campmor: http://www.campmor.com

I have ordered from both and would recommend.

Dr. Nick
December 11, 2001, 01:46 PM
The really good deals on climbing equipment are usually on closeout stuff, discontinued models etc.. REI has decent prices on most stuff and great prices on rope when it goes on sale. Look in the climbing magazines for ads for discount/sale equipment. That's probably your best bet.

December 12, 2001, 07:20 AM
Thanks for all the input guys.
Looks like I'll be able to find the Christmas present my son is asking for.
I'm starting to believe this place is truly the seat of all knowledge!


December 12, 2001, 01:48 PM
I know where you wanna go!!!!
Don't shop REI! Overpriced IMO!

I would go first to www.gearexpress.com . They are absolutely wonderful to deal with. Great prices and their customer service is phenomenal.
If you need climbing shoes I also highly suggest that you go with www.climbingshoes.com . They have all their shoes designed and built in France I believe. Great shoes for beginner thru expert. And since they are an e-tailer they cut costs and pass the savings to you. They usually sell out of popular sizes incredibly fast (They only have three models) but they had a shipment recently and have most every size.

Hope this helps!

December 13, 2001, 01:23 AM
http://rei-outlet.com/ is REI's on-line closeout outlet. They advertise 20-70% off.:cool:

December 13, 2001, 08:06 PM
Now you're talkin' my area of expertise!!!

REI is a good place to take a look but also check out the following:


those come immediately to mind. If all else fails, just check out the back of Rock and Ice, and Climbing magazines.

Where do you climb mini14ac?

December 13, 2001, 10:20 PM
Also try http://www.sierratradingpost.com/ . Selection varies, but prices are excellent.