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December 4, 2001, 04:05 PM
Is it possible to set up a search for members in a location. ie: Members that show they are located in Ohio. Or have Ohio in their profile?

Mal H
December 4, 2001, 05:09 PM
Sorry, not possible. The member's state is not one of the search fields as you probably know. However, even if it was it is not required that a member enter a location to be a member. So the search would be an incomplete listing anyway.

December 4, 2001, 05:26 PM

Email me. I've been noting the names of members who live in Ohio as I wander the forums. I've got a list of about 30, most of whom are fairly active on TFL.


December 4, 2001, 06:12 PM
I'll send you a note.. Hope you already have the list in a format that you can send.. Would hate to take all your time away from the boards typeing it out! Something might happen if your away too long! LOL Just thought it would be nice to be able to do a bulk PM for gatherings and such.. Doesn't seem like alot watch the Live fire forum... PS When can we upgrade to so we can use aviators??? got one that I fell in lone with... The wife is even jealous! LOL

December 4, 2001, 11:05 PM
Currently you can't send a PM to more than five members at a time. I'm not sure if that limitation can be altered or if it is built into the software. It sure would be nice to be able to PM all 30 (or more) Ohio members at once. We could have a list for each state, and use it to invite everyone to a local TFL get-together.

P.S. You've got mail!