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December 4, 2001, 12:49 PM
I'm having a wee bit o'problem with my 11-87 Police. Seems the empty shells don't want to eject.

The extractor grabs the shell but the bolt appears not to come back far enough. 2 3/4" slugs eject but not the reduced recoil versions. None of the 2 3/4" buck or field loads eject either.

The equipment is clean (including the gas ports) and lubed. The gas seal is new, intact and in the groove. I've been shooting it for several years and my "mount" hasn't changed so I doubt I'm sucking up the recoil. It has the same problem when other (and larger) shooters fire it. The shells can be ejected by manual cycling.

The carrier may be rubbing on the receiver. I can see where that would affect feeding but not ejection.

Additional info: 21" barrel, Mag-na-Ported. It has functioned after the porting.

Any ideas before I head for a gunsmith?

Thank you.

Jim Watson
December 4, 2001, 02:07 PM
There is a part called an "activator" that channels more gas to the piston for light loads in 11-87. The only place I have seen anything about it is on http://www.gunspot.com/forums.html
Look under Shotguns and post to the attention of REMGunsmith and maybe he will tell you more.

December 5, 2001, 01:22 AM
The 11-87P is beefed up to handle a steady diet of full power buck and slugs and can choke on the lower powerd stuff. My 11-87P has always had no problems with the Federal reduced buck but when I first got it it choked on the Remington reduced recoil slugs. It seemed stiff when I first got it and now that I have shot lots of rounds through it (break in?)I tried the Rem reduced slugs again and they worked. They barely ejected the hull out of the gun but they worked.

They way I look at it the reduced recoil slugs are for pump guns and autos that don't soften the recoil like the Remingtons do. As the Remingtons already soften the recoil just shoot regular slugs.

By the way, the activator that Jim spoke about doesn't have anything to do with the gas system. It merely puts tension on the bolt lock/slide bar which makes it unlock easier with lighter loads. It was designed fot he 11-87 super mag that is supposed to shoot all 2 3/4/3/3.5" shells. They found there were problems with the lighter shells so they made up this ring which helps the 11-87SM work with lighter shells. The principal works the saem ont he 11-87P but I don't know if the gun would be harmed if heavier loads were fired with the ring installed? This might mean you would have to install/remove the ring depending on what type of ammo you are shooting. I don't want to mess with stuff like that and just make sure all my ammo, including reloads, is of sufficient power to make the weapon function properly. If you were looking for an auto to shoot light loads with you bought the wrong shotgun.