View Full Version : Low Riding Kydex Holster - Blade Tech Dropped and Offset?

December 3, 2001, 03:24 AM
I have a short torso but like to carry a full size 1911 at the range. Most holsters out there ride a little high for me for a comfortable draw. I'm looking for a holster that rides lower on the belt to give me more room to manuever. I prefer Kydex but Leather is OK too. I saw at the BladeTech website a model called the Dropped & Offset. It looks like it may work. Any of you guys use one of these or know anything about them? Thanks.

December 3, 2001, 10:37 AM
I have a number of Bladetech holsters, including a dropped/offset holster for my full-sized 1911. Although it is more difficult to conceal, it is great for range work. It is my preferred holster if concealment isn't a concern. Presenting from the holster is easier compared to the standard belt holster.

I can recommend it without reservation.

December 4, 2001, 01:55 AM
I just got one for my H&K USP 45f; it seems well designed and very functional.

mr. pitiful
December 8, 2001, 10:37 PM
I recently purchased a kydex holster from COMP-TAC. It is a locking pancake style. It rides vell below any other IDPA legal holster I have purchased. the gun cles the holster at the bottom of my belt. Thats an inch and a half lower tan any of my others. I too am short wasted so I loved this, and MAN IS IT FAST!!!!!!
Plus they were grat to deal with. I highly recomend it.

mr. pitiful