View Full Version : Fp6

December 2, 2001, 01:11 AM
I thought I would post a photo of this shotgun since nobody seems too familiar with it.Still waiting for a chance to take it to the range.

December 2, 2001, 02:56 AM
I'm not familiar with it, but it looks like just about any Italian piece of the last decade. The belly of the buttstock being a particular giveaway...

Wish I could say more

December 2, 2001, 12:39 PM
Oh my, it looks very tactical!

Two questions, if I may

First - are those ghost rings?

Second - how does it feel, how does it work, and how does it compare to other shotguns which you've used?

December 3, 2001, 12:46 AM
It comes with a rail mounted on the receiver so that you can add a rear ghost ring if you want. The front sight flips up if you mount the ghost ring rear. Otherwise it has rifle sights.

It feels light, has a smooth action and seems well made. I still have not been able to get to the range; will let you know when I do.