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December 1, 2001, 03:46 PM
Yet another question for the smiths in attendance:

You might recall my mission to make a .300 WM out of a Rem700 takeoff and a Turk action. I am looking into the modification of the bolt and I heard someone say that one can't just open up the bolt face for the magnum shell, that I should just buy one ... no, not from him ;) ... because the heat treat would be better.

Unless the Turk bolts are just not well heat treated, I can't see how the heat treat will change in the process of removing 0.060" of face diameter with a sharp tool and sufficient coolant.

I'm all for doing this safely, but I'd like to do that work that I am qualified to do, myself ... plus I already HAVE a bolt, I don't need ANOTHER one :rolleyes:

Do you guys do your own bolt faces?


ps ... I hope my questions on this project don't get old ... this is new and slow (but enjoyable and educational) and I want to be safe.

George Stringer
December 2, 2001, 07:07 AM
Saands, re-heat treating the bolt face isn't required. You aren't going to get it hot enough simply opening it up to change anything. By re-heat treating you are also taking the chance of making the face and lugs too brittle. That wouldn't be good. You can "just open up the bolt face for a magnum shell". I do it all the time. George

ps: your questions and those like them is what this board is here for.

December 2, 2001, 11:01 AM

Thanks for your input ... your response verifies what I my intuition told me ... but a little reaffirmation every once in a while is a good thing ;) TFL is a great place to get questions answered a and is without parallel. I really appreciate this resource and I just wanted to make sure that the tons of questions that I was asking weren't getting old because I KNOW that there will be more.

Thanks again,