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November 29, 2001, 02:34 PM
I want to build a Mauser Sporter. I already have a Fajen walnut Scout stock. My question is, where is a good source for surplus (read: cheap) mauser barrelled-actions? I prefer an 8 mm caliber. The gun shows around her (Kansas City) never seem to offer any for sale. Would a scatch and dent Turkish Mauser be a good source? I have seen them for $40. The action doesn't need to be pretty, but I want it to be sound, and a good to very good bore. I would like to spend less than $100 if possible. I'm not looking to make a target rifle, I probably won't even scope it. I just want a tough, reliable rifle that I can depend on, that will shoot into a couple of inches at 100 yards. Thanks.

November 29, 2001, 04:39 PM
Many (but not all) of the Turks are great shooters, but you should know that the barrels are VERY long (29" or so if I recall correctly) if you are used to carbine length rifles. You should be able to get a Yugo 48 or 48A in your price range in very good condition. Their barrels are only 24" and they are widely available in great shape. Check to make shure that the Yugos will fit your stock, however, as i have read that their actions are .25" shorter than the standard Mauser action ... I am not sure where that measurement is made, so it may or may not matter.

Good luck ... I'm sure that some of the smiths will eventually corroborate or contest that which I have written :)


December 2, 2001, 05:06 PM
If what I read and hear is correct, the Turk '38 action that you can find from various suppliers in either Shotgun News or Gun List, is a German made receiver that has a Turkish stamp. I am patrial to a BRNO VZ-24 action for customs, but a Turk '38 should make a fine custom. As saands said, check the length for proper fit to your stock. :cool: