View Full Version : FAB 92 info

November 25, 2001, 06:54 PM
I just took a brand new gun in trade that I know very little about and was wondering what you gun gurus could tell me about it.

It looks like a CZ-75 clone, but it is made in Italy and is stamped FAB 92. This thing is as solid as a rock and the machining looks great. It was imported by EAA Corp. out of Hialeah,Fla.

It is a very accurate 9mm and it fits my hand great and looks good but the trigger sucks. How can I fix it.?I have built several 1911's and other guns but have NO expierence wiht this type of piece. The single action pull is about 7.5 pounds and the double action is at 18lbs which is horendeous. The trigger has 4 miles of creep and feels pretty gritty. Can anybody out there help me ? I have the tools to do what I must. Thanks !