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8200 rpm
November 24, 2001, 12:03 AM
What's the secret for station 8, low house?

I can hit the high house with ease, but the low house seems to be hit or miss. With any station, I always try to "paint the bird out of the sky". And, I always try to follow through.

How much should I lead here at #8 low house?

November 24, 2001, 12:42 AM
For me, station 8 was always a "trick shot", at least after a seasoned vetran taught me his method for busting the little rascals.

The same method works for both houses:

Mount the gun and point at the lower outside corner of the window. Call for the bird and listen for the trap. The bird will beat you out of the house. Swing up to the bird, playing "catch-up" and as soon as the muzzle covers the bird, pull the trigger - but don't stop swinging. Watch out for falling pieces of the bird because they will fall all over you!

This was the only way I ever broke a bird on station 8 before it passed the center stake. I'm no expert but it worked for me.


November 24, 2001, 03:45 AM
Used to work for a trap and skeet club when I was in high school and pulled for many a skeet shooter. Started shooting it myself and got pretty good at it including .410 skeet.

Like Mikey said, I consider both targets at #8 a "trick" shot in that the bird is moving too fast for you to actually acquire and lead them like the other stations. For me both are more of a reflex shot and I consider it a gimmee station.

On #8 high I point the SG into the hole, come out to the right edge of the house and half way up between the roof and the hole. I call for the bird and when I see it come out I drop my firing shoulder slightly and pivot the barrel to the right and slightly up and fire.

With the low house I just point directly into the hole and call for the bird. When I see the bird I pivot to the left and bring the barrel upward to intercept the bird and fire.

In both cases I am basically jumping ahead of the bird to a place on its flight path and intercepting it. If you try and acquire and lead the bird you will always be behind it. It is also a timing issue because when I see the bird come out of the hole and reflexivly move my barrel to where I break it, I know the bird will be there and will be hit when I fire.

It can be frustrating but it can be done. I have taught many people how to break the birds on #8.

November 24, 2001, 02:36 PM
One of the main things to remember is to keep your head on the stock. This shot makes you raise your head to look if you are not careful. Shoot the bird as it comes to you, basically as soon as you can and keep your head down and follow through. Keep your gun moving.

Good Shooting,