View Full Version : Bushnell Holosight v. TASCO PROPOINT PDP5 1X36MM (47MM TUBE)

November 23, 2001, 05:50 PM
I'm trying to decide between two sights for my Marlin Camp Carbine. I've narrowed my choices to the Bushnell Holosight or the Tasco PROPOINT PDP5 1X36MM (47MM TUBE). I've never used red dot sights, and would appreciate feed-back on which one other shooters prefer. Proposed use: for range shooting, but would also be available for SHTF scenario.

Observations: Both have a brighter view than most red dots I've looked at (the cheaper Tascos seem darker and have a distinct bluish tint that would not work as well in low-light situations). The Holosight design seems much better for target acquisition with both eyes open, but is about $90 more than the best price on the PDP5. The standard reticle that comes with the Holosight also seems fuzzier than the red dot on the PDP5.

Any recommendations? Thanks.

November 24, 2001, 03:40 AM
Sorry to give you another choice,but check out this link. http://www.nightvisionweb.com/kobra.htm

November 24, 2001, 10:39 PM
I have the tasco mounted on an ar-15. The optics are good, but I have had a real problem with the sight base becoming loose every 60 rounds or so. I am not impressed with the quality of the mounting harware.

Although I have not used the holosight, I have read good things about it. I think I'd spend the extra cash to get the military version of the holosight, made by eo-tech. http://www.eotech-inc.com/tactical/mainframe.html

Just my 2 cents worth.