View Full Version : Old FEG Hungarian .32 semi-auto?

November 22, 2001, 10:14 PM
I have come across 7.65/.32 cal pistol marked on the left side of the weapon "FEGYVERGYAR-BUDAPEST-FROMMER PAT.STOP CAL 7.65 mm (32). It is single action with a grip safety and an external hammer. The left side serial number is 3334XX, on the right it is stamped r12XX with an AR stamped on the upper right over the triggerguard. It appears to be in working order with a few rust spots. What is the story/value of this weapon. Is it safe to shoot with fmj ammo etc, thank you in advance for any help.

James K
November 23, 2001, 12:07 AM
Assuming it is in working order, it should be fine with .32 ACP FMJ ammunition. It is probably worth more as a collector piece than as a shooter, though. That pistol is a real oddity, since it is a long recoil action. When the gun is fired, the barrel and bolt recoil, locked together, until they reach the rear. Then the barrel is freed to return, followed by the bolt, which picks up a round from the magazine as it comes forward.

You can watch the action using a common pencil. Making sure the gun is unloaded, insert the pencil into the barrel and press to the rear. You will see the action I described.

Disassembly is tricky. If Harley or someone can provide info, please do so. I can describe it, but a picture is worth more than words.


November 23, 2001, 10:18 AM
This is probably the pistol you are describing, as Jim said, it's an interesting action. Disassembly is a bit tricky without the pictures. Here's a link to the instructions for field and detail stripping this gun. Frommer Stop Disassembly (http://www.armscenter.com/johnwill/GunDisassembly/Frommer%20Stop%20Disassembly2.jpg)

Here's the Frommer Stop.


Here's it's baby brother, the Baby Frommer, which has the same action, but was meant to be a pocket pistol.