View Full Version : Need info on Brolin Arms' Ithica 37 (HD) copy

November 21, 2001, 07:37 PM
Hello all -

I'm new to the board, but I just won one of these at a 3-gun match (man those things are fun!) and I'm looking for some more info on it - specifically, how close a copy of the Ithica 37 is it? Are there any "weak points" I should look out for?

Will accessories for the 37 work on it? I'm looking mainly for a pistol-gripped buttstock, sidesaddle shell carrier, synthetic forend (no PG), heat shield for the barrel, and a tac-light mount. I've found the stock (Black Warrior - John Masen Co.), the sidesaddle (Tac-Star) and the heat shield (ATI - "universal") that are all supposed to fit the Ithica 37 - any comments on any of these products?

I appreciate any help, I'm brand new to the shotgun so know nothing of the quality of the accessories or manufacturers - I've shot and built FAL's and regularly shoot Glocks, but look forward to taking a new "path."

Thanks in advance -