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November 21, 2001, 02:02 AM
Hello.... It's been a while since I've posted on TFL. Used to cruise through here daily a couple of years ago and I'm glad TFL is still up and running, better than ever in fact.

I am in possession of a Winchester 1300 Black Shadow Turkey 12g with 22" ribbed bbl. It is a very lightweight gun, and I like the stealthy finish. I want to turn it into a HD/under the bed gun.

First Mistake: Bought the Advanced Technology junk for it...pistolgrip.buttstock looks like scuffed bakelite. Needless to say I put the factory stocks back on.

Question: I want a shorter (18"), matte-finished, non-ribbed bbl, without rifle sights. From looking through the Winchester catalogue, the Defender has just such a barrel....Is it interchangeable? Winchester/URAC hasn't responded to my email yet. Also want to extend the magazine..I believe now it is only a 4 shot. Finally, anyone know of a good aftermarket stock that would provide my gun with a pistolgrip and buttstock, and which 'tactical' forend? I already have a red-dot sight on the receiver....do I need to consider adding ghostsights?

Or should I just scrap the thing and stick with my 870? ;)


November 21, 2001, 02:43 AM
That's an easy one. Stick with your 870.

If you insist on messing with your 1300, Speedfeed make some nice tactical stocks for it. You will have to get a long magazine tube if you want more capacity and, of course, a new barrel and what ever parts required to tie it all together. For the cost of these items, you could buy another complete 1300.
Why bother?

November 21, 2001, 10:57 AM
I have the zact same gun..... it has performed flawlessly on all occations... I had originally looked at the defender as a HD/brush hunting grouse gun.... but realized with a slightly longer barrel you get the choke system, ribbed barrel and tapped reciever for scope mounting.... AND it was cheaper.... hehehe.... the mag capacity can be counteracted with a mag extension... bringing the total cap. up to 7 or 8.... the defender barrel is unlikely to fit since it is designed for the long mag tube of the defender....

MY suggestion is this: buy a mag extension true glow sights and some type of "onboard shell holder" and if shot pattern is an issue an open choke. the gun is slightly modified for HD but still ready to go grouse, pheasant, deer, bear or gargoyle hunting. the shorter barrel would be nice..... but it isn't THAT much of a benefit.... stand the turkey next to a regular field shotgun... it is MUCH shorter.

you've got a great gun..... why lose functionality?